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October 03 2013

1285 Muscle Extreme and How it Works

1285 Muscle Extreme Free TrialHaving a muscular body that you can be proud of takes a lot of work as well as serious dieting, and you obviously want the most effectiveness you can get from every minute you spend in the gym packing on serious muscle mass.

But there is a pitfall you need to be aware of and that if you are not providing the nutrition your body and muscles needs, you will never get that muscular body that you have been working so hard for to get.

What you need is a supplement that can take you over the edge and load your body with all the important nutrient it needs so you can become a serious muscle builder.

One supplement stands out here with a very good reputation and high endorsement and that is the 1285 Muscle Extreme.

What is 1285 Muscle Extreme?

1285 Muscle are being used by men all over the world not only to build muscle mass and strength but also to melt away body fat so you get that ripped toned body that stands out.

1285 Muscle Extreme is very unique compared to other muscle building supplements because it will provide your body with a high levels of anti-oxidants that will remove toxins and stress hormones in your body causing you not to build muscle, at the same same it will increase your body’s nitric oxide levels so more nutrient, in form of proteins, carbs, minerals and vitamins will be passing by thru your blood vessels into the muscle cells where it is highly needed for recovery and for building up need muscle tissue.

How Does This Supplement Work?

1285 Muscle Extreme is a unique combination of ingredients including L Arginine proven to be able to raise your nitric oxide levels and the higher levels you have the more beneficial it will be for your muscle building efforts and your hard work in the gym.

The way that higher nitric oxide levels will work on your body is that they will expand your blood vessels and at the same relax and smoothen the muscle cells around your blood vessels.

This widening and expanding blood vessels will maximize the delivery of oxygen and nutrients straight into the muscle mass, which will result in that it will become much easier to build muscles with higher endurance and strength, and you will need less recovery time between sets during your workout as well as the following rest period will be decreased with less fatigue.

1285 Muscle Free Trial Bottle

However the benefits does not stop here because along with other highly effective ingredients 1285 Muscle will help to increase muscular strength, improve metabolic function and help to increase your testosterone levels so it will become even easier to build muscle mass and improve your sexual performance as well.

These extra ingredients such as L-Citrulline, L-Taurine, Folate, Lovage and others will also help to keep your body healthy, clean and will strengthen your heart as well.

You can look forward to see much greater results in the gym!

What Results are the Guys Getting from Using 1285 Muscle Extreme?

1285 Muscle is one of the few muscle building supplements that have managed to turn even the skinniest guy and the biggest unbelievers around and turned them into rock hard muscle guys and great believers of this muscle building supplement.

Morgan 1285 Muscle Extreme Testimonial“My trainer gave me the 411 on 1285 Muscle. I’d always been skeptical about supplements. He said I wouldn’t be disappointed. So I grabbed the trial bottle and couldn’t believe not just the results I got but the speed in which I got them. I wasn’t just getting ripped. The intensity of my workouts increased because my stamina was pumped up. Now I keep a bottle in my gym bag.”

Morgan G. Syracuse, New York

Richard 1285 Muscle Extreme Testimonial“I really needed to bulk up for some local competitions. I decided to give 1285 Muscle a crack. I haven’t looked back. I didn’t just increase my bulk substantially. I had more energy overall. I was stronger. I was lean and mean. I look forward to pushing myself in the gym and achieving the long term results I’m looking for.”

Richard P. Ontario, CA

Connor 1285 Muscle Extreme Testimonial
“I’ve always been small. I started lifting weights not just in hopes of becoming stronger, but bigger. Unfortunately, my body just doesn’t work that way. I came across 1285 Muscle on the Internet. I decided to give it a shot. No regrets. I’m finally seeing mass as I build muscle.”

Connor S. Boonsboro, MD


Is 1285 Muscle Extreme Right for You?

So is 1285 Muscle Extreme right for you? If you want to get more muscle, endurance and strength without exposing yourself to side effects and dangerous substances then 1285 Muscle is the right supplement to take.

It will help you to build muscle, endurance, strength and at the same time help to burn off all the body fat may hiding your muscles.

Men of all ages will get a lot of benefits using this supplement.

Benefits You Will Get Using 1285 Muscle

Top body builders and trainers are already using this supplement for numerous reasons and benefits, some of these reasons you can find below.

  • Build lean muscle mass and strength
  • Look up to 52% more ripped using 1285 Muscle
  • Increase your endurance up to 42%
  • Reduce your recovery time both between sets and workouts up to 50%
  • Increase metabolism and your body’s fat burning abilities
  • Get rid of body fat
  • Reduce post workout fatigue up to 35%
  • Increase protein synthesis which more protein will be taken up in the muscles
  • 100% all natural
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Risk free trial available

Where Can You Buy This Product?

At this point you can get 1285 Muscle Extreme as a risk free trial so you can try it out and see how effective it will be with in your own muscle building. If you like it you will continue to receive 1285 Muscle after your 14 day trial, remember you can cancel anytime.

1285 Muscle Extreme is 100% all natural and offer you a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

>>> Click Here to Learn More and Claim Your Risk Free Trial <<<

Trainer David Pace Recommends 1285 Muscle


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September 17 2013

What Is Xtreme NO?

Xtreme No Muscle BuildingThere are more and more nutritional supplements on the market these days, specifically designed to help men who are trying to put on muscle mass but do not feel they get enough muscle mass by only taking a high-protein supplement and perhaps some creatine.

What you need here is a nitric oxide booster, that will help to increase the uptake of proteins and other important nutrients into your muscles at a faster speed beginning right at the recovery phase.

The most respected and popular nitric oxide supplement available on the market today is with no doubt the premier brand Xtreme NO for a couple of reasons.

What Is Xtreme NO?

This is an all-natural nutritional supplement that is provided in an extended release formula, which you will not find in other products. This allows you to avoid the usual spikes in energy that are found with other products, and also helps to reduce the chance of side effects. The overall effect of Xtreme NO is that it helps to increase nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream, and that means you will have more energy, power in your muscles and be able to transport a higher amount of nutrient into your muscles to make them bigger.

Experience The Pump

Another benefit using Xtreme No as your preferred nitric oxide booster is that you will experience an increased blood flow which will give you a much greater pump during your workout which will make you look bigger than if you were not using a No2 supplement.

How Does It Work?

The active ingredient in Xtreme NO are different types of L-arginine, which is a clinically proven and completely natural amino acid that can help to increase nitric oxide levels, and therefore oxygen levels in your muscles. What most men find when they take this is that they feel stronger when they are lifting, and the recovery time is much quicker. In addition, there are increases in endurance and this has also been proven to be a very fast way of burning excess body fat.

There is also one added benefit of any nitric oxide booster, which is that it helps increase libido and sex drive, and can also do wonders for a man’s sexual performance and endurance.

Xtreme No Bottle

What Are People Saying About Xtreme NO?

Before you try any kind of nutritional supplement, it is not a bad idea to read what other people have experienced and when you read some of the Xtreme NO reviews, what you will see is that this product is not only safe, but it really has the ability to increase load capacity and help with workout recovery as well.

“I am definitely a lot stronger after I take this, and it is helped me to lose a lot of excess body fat.”

-          Rich, CO (testimony from company website)

“Since I have been using Xtreme NO, I have broken through my old lifting records and am seeing increases in size as well.”

-          Matt, FL (testimony from company website)

Some of these reviews are written by men who have tried other nitric oxide booster products, with no significant results. The fact that Xtreme NO is so effective for so many men around the world certainly makes it worth trying.

“I have taken other nitric oxide boosters, but this is the only one that has really helped me to get stronger and bigger.”

-          Dave, UK (testimony from company website)

Is Xtreme NO Right for You?

Whether you are looking for a quick a way to recover from your workouts or you are trying to put on more lean muscle and get rid of excess body fat, the use of the nitric oxide booster like Xtreme NO can help you to reach your goals much quicker. From the very first time you use this product, you should notice a difference in strength and energy, endurance and power, which will help you to get the body you up always wanted.

Xtreme No Before and After

Here Are Some of The Benefits You Will Get Using Xtreme No

Increasing your nitric oxide levels will really do wonders for you, and will really help you to pack on some serious muscle mass and strength. Here is what you will experience.

  • Dramatically increase the uptake of proteins, nutrients and oxygen into your muscles
  • Get bigger muscles
  • Build more strength
  • Get the ultimate muscle pump while and after your workouts
  • Boost your load capacity
  • Increase your bench press
  • Improve your muscularity
  • Improve your overall recovery time
  • Fastest muscle building system available
  • Free membership to the Xtreme No Online Muscle Building Program
  • Made in the United States
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Bottle available on select packages

Where Can You Buy This Product?

In order to make sure that you get the best possible deal on Xtreme NO, you should purchase this only from the official website. For a limited time, you can get a free bottle on select packages and the product will be billed and shipped to you discreetly. This American-made product is not available from any store, and when you buy it from the official site, you will get a money back guarantee on your purchase.

>>> Click Here To Go To The Official Xtreme NO Store Today <<<

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